What are the fees to probate an estate?

The attorney representing the personal representative, otherwise known as the executor, as well as the executor are each entitled probate feesto fees for their work. The fees are fixed by statute and based on the value of the gross estate. There is no deduction for loans or set­offs.

If the gross estate is $250,000 then the executor would be entitled to $8,000 ­­ and if there is an attorney representing the executor, he or she would also be entitled to $8,000. If the estate is worth $1,000,000 then the combined fees for both the executor and the attorney would be $46,000;­­ $23,000 to each. If extraordinary services are performed by either the executor or the attorney, then additional fees may be awarded. In addition, because probates are done via court proceedings, there are also significant court fees that must be paid from the assets of the estate.

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