Trusts and Estates

Do you need a trust?  If you have assets worth more than $150,000 your beneficiaries will spend much more money, time, and aggravation going through the probate process than you will spend on doing a trust – even including the trust administration.


We will spend time getting to know you and your desires with respect to your estate plan and offer suggestions for the best methods of accomplishing your goals.  We consider issues such as:


  • Are you part of a blended family, i.e. have children from prior marriages;
  • Family dynamics – special problems with certain family members;
  • Are you worried about the well-being of a relative with special needs;
  • Are you likely to have pets for whom you’d like to provide during their lifetimes via a pet trust;
  • Would you prefer to have a professional trustee rather than a relative or friend;
  • Do you anticipate the need for Medi-Cal planning in the future;
  • Do you need nothing more than a simple Will, Durable Power of Attorney, and possibly a Transfer on Death Deed.


All these topics – and many more – are taken into consideration to provide you with a plan tailored to your special circumstances.

Get informed first. That's our job.