Nola Veganes Chavez

Nola Veganes Chavez

Nola Veganes Chavez received her JD from UCLA Law School and her BA from the University of California Berkeley.  She began practicing law in Southern California, specializing in criminal and juvenile law.   While serving as a panel attorney for child abuse and neglect cases, she completed an appeal for the California Appellate Project.  Since moving to Northern California in 1997 she has worked for several San Francisco-based law firms.  Her practice area is Estate Planning.

Ms. Chavez is particularly interested in the village-to-village concept, which, when possible, assists seniors to remain in their homes with a support system that meets their needs and provides social interactions.  She volunteers with Ashby Village providing support for individual seniors and is a member of the Events Team which develops programs of interest to Village members.  She is a member of The City of El Cerrito Committee on Aging.  She is working to expand concepts for a more fulfilling senior lifestyle and implement them for the benefit of seniors in Alameda and Contra Costa counties. Ms. Chavez is a member of the State Bar of California,  the Alameda County and Contra Costa County Bar Associations, Trusts and Estates Sections, and the East Bay Trusts & Estates Lawyers.

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